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Welcome to the The National Tenant Reporting Company,   This site was created to help landlords determine if a potential renter is a suitable candidate for their property.  As landlords we always take risks when renting our properties.  However, these risks can be minimized by allowing us to see if a potential renter has been added to the do not rent to list of bad tenants.  As landlords we’re obligated to inform other landlords of the problems we have encountered when renting our properties to certain tenants.  


If you would like to know if a candidate is a suitable renter for your property before you hand over the keys, then this site is for you.  By pre-screening your candidates through this site you’ll find out if the previous landlord experienced any of the following issues:

  • Late payments

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Destruction of property
  • Theft
  • Refusal to vacate premises
  • Or, any other issues a landlord may have encountered


As a MEMBER, our Landlords and Property Managers have:

  • Easy, online access to our bad tenant database
  • Unlimited bad tenant searches
  • Free unlimited bad tenant postings without login
  • Other Discount services


As a non-member, our Landlords and Property Managers have:

  • Free unlimited bad tenant postings without login


When posting tenant information, we allow the landlords to enter any comments they feel will best describe their experience with a certain renter.  We believe in our members, and we know this information will be useful to our landlord community.



 Before You Rent To, Know Who Not To Rent To!!!


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