Frequently Asked Questions:

This is the web site of The BlueChip Group, LLC.

Q. Is posting this type of tenant information legal?

  1. Yes! We've verified the legality of this with our attorney, and he informed us that this is absolutely legal.   He indicated that as long as the information being entered by the landlords/property managers is truthful and correct, then there is no problem with entering your issues you've had with a certain tenant.  That being said, he made the point of saying, make sure you have documentation supporting your issues with a certain tenant.

Q. Will I be anonymous if I post tenant information?

  1. Yes, you will be anonymous.  The only column that will be viewable to members is your email address you'll enter.  We have landlords and property managers enter their email address so that members can email each other with questions on a previous tenant, if needed.

Q. Does this service cover all 50 states?

  1. Yes, this service covers the entire United States?  We also have members and tenants in Australia, Canada, Spain, and the UK.